We are extremely happy that you are paying us a visit! In our conservatory, you are allowed to come with your camera to take photographs of the plants and beautiful butterflies. You are free to bask in other diverse activities such as interacting with our care providers, or take a course on anything from gardening to fish farming.

When coming to visit, we have outlined some tips to make your experience a richly rewarding one:

  • We have a lot of activities in our conservatory. For you to take advantage of the full experience, it is advisable you create at least three hours of your time to spend in our facility.

  • Since we keep a tropical climate for the preservation of most of our plants and animals, it is best for you to dress lightly in order to feel comfortable.

  • Despite what is stated above, you are advised to come with your sunscreen. We also encourage the use of head coverings such as scarf and hats.

  • For your protection you should consider carrying along bug spray so as not to be bitten by some of the bugs in our enclosure.

  • The conservatory is an extremely huge place. Because of this, there are many resting sports for you to catch your breath or relax. Endeavour to make use of these spots at every opportunity.

  • While visiting our facility, it is important to stay hydrated. You may decide to bring your own water or make use of the numerous water sprouts located at different areas of the facility. We also offer free water bottles with complimentary snack bars for you to stay refreshed and energized.

  • While at this point, it is important to state we have a wonderful restaurant at our conservatory. You may decide to eat one of our well thought out menus or you could bring your own food. Remember to dispose any waste in the disposable bins located around you.

Rewarding Experience

We prioritize your experience when you visit with us. Our professionals are always available to take your questions or inquiries to make sure you have an enjoyable visit.


The conservatory is built with the thought of providing for individuals with disabilities. Every enclosure, chamber, or gallery can be fully accessed with a wheelchair. All doors are automatic while we provide additional assistance for those who need it.