Over the years we have singlehandedly preserved the species of over 1000 plants and two hundred butterflies. As a non-profit initiative, we depend solely on your donations, grants from private institutions, membership fees, admittance fees, and corporate funding. The work of our volunteers cannot be overstated as they help us with their valuable time to make sure our programs run smoothly.

But we cannot do this without your help or support. There are many ways you can give us assistance. Please see below on how you can make the conservatory a better place for plants, animals, and mankind.


You have the power to assist us right away when you put forward a donation to the conservatory. Our programs in conservation including butterfly and plant care are very crucial to the survival of our ecosystem as we know it. We conduct outreach in the country and abroad, while also preaching the importance of saving our forests. Our conservatory has assisted more than 20000 gardens, distributing more than 100000 plants across the globe. You can continue to make our work possible by donating here.

Corporate funding

The conservatory is a unique platform for business ventures to showcase their love for philanthropy while reaching to a wider demography. Your business can support some of our numerous events or galas while there are abundant opportunities to partner with us.

The continuous support of international corporations including local businesses is one of the reasons why we are still in existence today. Every year, a significant number of partners support our programs, festivals, or even undertake to build some of our projects. We also help them benefit by advertising their products or services or carry out programs which are tailored towards their philanthropic objectives.

For more information on how you can help our cause, please contact our support desk here.


You do not always have to give us financial assistance to help our cause. You can also support us with your valuable time. Our conservatory is one of the biggest facilities of its kind in the world. A lot of our systems are automated but we still need quite a number of hands to make sure our activities run smoothly.

To volunteer with us, you need to give us a minimum of 4 hours of your time every week. To learn more about how you can volunteer, please contact us here.