This is one of the oldest sciences in the world and has been sustained by humans for more than 10000 years. It involves the rearing or nurturing of plants for human use. This science kickstarted the development we have today because it enabled man to settle at one location. Our Horticulture department works hand in glove with our butterfly program.

This is because of the unique nature of the different butterflies in our facility. For example, the Karner Blue Butterfly feeds only on the lupine plant. This means we need to create the environment for this plant to thrive as it is not in its natural habitat. There are numerous other butterflies with specific plant needs and it is our duty to make sure the plants are living in the best condition needed for them to flourish. A healthy plant ecosystem is essential for a community of butterflies to thrive and we understand that fully.

Our Plant House

We have a beautiful plant house which houses our rare collections of plants from different parts of the world. It is a huge complex spanning 17000 square-feet with a vast display of different plant species from the tropics and other parts of the world.

The plant house has two tiers of indoor gardens which are dotted with exotic plants on one level, while the other is filled with rare species of trees. There is also a pool which we use to preserve our exotic fishes including the beautiful koi fish.

Garden of Delights

We have in our Plant House an exclusive garden of delights which features fruits of every kind, alongside vegetables. We also plant medical plants which have been used to create medicines for different ailments. The garden of delights was built to show that every home can be turned into a plant paradise where the family is self-sufficient, sustaining themselves from the fruits of their garden.

We teach our visitors and guests the basics of learning the art of horticulture, giving them seminars or tutorials on how to start a garden. We know this will go a long way in preserving our Plant life while giving the ecosystem a boost by reducing carbon emissions.

Plant Sale

For those who are interested in beautifying their gardens, we have some a collection of plants which we put up for sale. You can plant them in your home or beautify your office.