We have a host of events which are an offshoot of our conservatory. These events help spread awareness or provide aid to the community in which we are located. You can be a part of these events by joining us. Some of our events include:

Horticulture Therapy Initiative

We have a therapy initiative run at our facility for the purpose of bringing therapeutic relief for those living with Alzheimers or others with mild behavioural disorders. The initiative allows care professionals or families and loved ones to bask in the serenity of our facility while enjoying the rejuvenating benefits of our medicinal plants and trees. Our initiative allows you to connect with the tranquility of our beautiful gardens, the colourful butterflies, and sparkling waters while putting your mind at peace.

Horticultural therapy is well-founded in science for many years. The benefits of horticulture as a means of therapy have been well documented. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon which is one of the wonders of the world were built for such purpose.

However, in the early 19th century, the man known as the Father of American Psychiatry, Dr. Benjamin Rush became the first person to record the health benefits of horticulture on people with behavioural disorders. Nowadays we have rehabilitative therapy for war veterans which are one of the therapeutic practices we recently introduced. You are free to sign up for a session here.

Annual Plant Sale

Our annual plant sale is exclusive for members. We conduct sale of exotic plants to members who have the capacity to take care of them. For you to take part in this activity, it is recommended you join us by registering here. A few weeks before the plant sale begins, you can take a visit to the conservatory to find out the different species of plants that will be on sale. There will be lots of opportunity in that time to look through our Plant selections.

Members are allowed to purchase as many plants as they need except for those plants with green tags. They are limited to one plant per participant. While attending the plant sale, it is advisable to bring along your containers or wheelbarrows to transport your plants to your vehicles.

For members who are unable to attend, they will have to make use of their opportunity next year as we cannot ship plants for those who are not present.