Welcome to West Midland butterfly conservatory. We are one of the largest private conservatories in the United Kingdom with over forty different species of butterflies in our enclosure. You can take in the sight of different beautiful butterflies at any time of the year.

We are one of the very few conservatories in the world to have two of the rarest species of butterflies on the planet. These are the Palos Verdes Blue and the Karner Blue Butterfly which was listed as an endangered species as far back as 1992.

We have other species of butterflies such as the Monarch, the Sappho Long wing, the Blue Morpho, and the Question Mark Butterfly amongst several others. Our butterflies come from many different lands, some as far of as Asia, South America and Africa. When you take a walk through our conservatory, you are visually entertained by a kaleidoscope of colour as our butterflies carry out their aerial display flitting from branch to branch or flower to flower.

Our varieties of butterflies are continuously updated giving you alongside your family and loved ones the chance to gaze at their beautiful splendour. Our exhibit is one of the most beautiful, you would be remiss to think you were in a picture paradise with the colours swirling about you. Apart from butterflies, we also have a stunning collection of flowers and tropical plants. You can bask in the beautiful scents of our flora when you pay us a visit.

In our care

When you pay us a visit, you can expect to be taken well care of by our friendly and professional staff some of whom volunteer their time for the care of our conservatory. They will give you a detailed rundown of the safety regulations required to enjoy our exhibits.

Our conservatory is government approved and regulated facility which mandates us to adhere to specific containment protocols. We advise that you adhere to our instructions in order to enjoy the best possible experience for yourself, the flora, and the butterflies in our enclosure.

When you arrive, ensure you don’t leave without a enjoying a sumptuous slice of delight at the Chrysalis Chamber where you may observe the way we take care of our new butterfly chrysalis. You will bask in the exhilarating experience of seeing firsthand the emergence of new butterflies as they emerge from their cocoon. We ensure that when you visit, you will receive an experience that stays with you for a lifetime.


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